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7 June, 5 July, 29 July,  21 and 31 August

Contact Sam 07976 956 815 or 01934 515 811.




British Showjumping Schedule

Wick St Lawrence Show Sunday, 16 September 2018

Wick St. Lawrence, Weston-Super-Mare Avon, BS22 7YJ

Show Secretary

Show Secretary: Miss Samantha Pepperall, Tel: 01934 515811, Email:

Judges Marcia Pepperall
Jennifer Brockway
Course Builders Samantha Pepperall

First Aid Charges

First Aid is provided by the show organiser, so there won't be a separate charge for this service.

More Information

More information about facilities and amenities at this location can be obtained from the Centre home page

Entry Fee = £19.00



Wickhouseshows wick house
wick st lawrence
bs22 7yj
01934 515 811

07976 956 815